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Hot Tub Sensors Temperature and High Limit Sensor


Hot tub sensors for most spa brands. Get replacement sensors and sensor sets for Gecko, Balboa, Waterway, United and other brand hot tub spa packs and electronics. Temperature and high limit sensors keep the hot tub safe.

Sensors Caldera Spas Parts


Caldera Spa Hi Limit Thermostat Highland Series 2006 Current 73992. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Caldera Spas HiLimit Sensor For Advent Control System For 2002 To Current 72492. Add to Cart Compare. …

Caldera Spa Hi Limit Thermostat Highland Series 2006 ...


Caldera Spas Pressure Switch 2006 To Current 73995. Quick view. Caldera Spas Thermistor Sensor Cable With Probe, Highland ... Add to Cart. Recommended. Quick view. Caldera Spas Highland Series / CSeries Blue Light 2006 ...

Caldera Elation Spa. Four flashing dashes. Have removed ...


It does not have a thermostat sensor. It has a Pressure switch and that was was replaced when the new heater unit was replaced. The top side board flashes F and SET TEMP. Then all lights flash and it goes to four flashing dashes. All parts were purchased from Caldera Spa parts so they are the correct ones.

Hot tub and spa temperature sensors


A temperature sensor, as the name implies, is used to detect the water temperature, which is indicated on the spa''s keypad. A capillary thermostat has the same function. An overheating sensor (called "HiLimit") is a safety device programmed to activate when the water temperature exceeds 40°C, the maximum temperature generally recommended. Balboa.

Caldera Spa Kauai High Limit Sensor Help Portable Hot ...


· I just bought a used Caldera Spa Kauai. I had an electrician hook it up, and it fired up on the first try. The jets turned on and I set the temp to 104. After about 10 mins, the spa shut off and started blinking 4 dashed lines. The manual indicated that this means there is a high limit sensor issue and to turn off power and restart after 30 ...



Caldera Spa Sensors Pressure Switches; CALDERA SPA THERMISTOR, TEMP. CONTROL 2002+ 72493; CALDERA SPA THERMISTOR, TEMP. CONTROL 2002+ 72493. (You save ) 3 product reviews SKU: 72493 : Quantity. Product Description. Caldera Spa Temperature Sensor, Advent Control Box, 2002 And ...

Caldera Spa Sensors Pressure Switches Caldera Spa ...


Caldera Spa Sensors Pressure Switches. Best Prices on Caldera Caldera Spa High Limit Sensor, Spa Pressure Switch, Thermistor Switches, Hot Tub Parts, Caldera Spa Parts, Caldera Replacement Parts. Sort by. Caldera Spa Hi Limit Thermistor Highland Series 73992. View Details. CALDERA SPA THERMISTOR, TEMP. CONTROL 2002+ 72493 ...

Caldera Spas Temperature Sensor, Thermistor EWGX272 71578


Caldera Spas Temperature Sensor, Thermistor EWGX272 71578Caldera Spa Temperature Sensor For 2002 / 2005 Olympia, 2002 / 2003 Cascade, 2002 / 2005 Cumberland, 2004 / 2005 Palomar COVID19 Update: Due to the adverse global situation, stock availability and shipping delays may apply.

Thermostat: Hot Tub Parts for Spas Quality Spa Parts Company


Quality spa parts company offering generic spa and hot tub replacement spa parts, spa packs and spa jets. The hot tub thermostat is the dial that you turn to crank up the heat. Most new spas use a temp sensor connected to a circuit board, and the topside control panel is just a remote control. Spas of 20 years ago mostly used ;potentiometersnbsp;and solidstate probes.

72492 High Limit Sensor 2002Current Hot Tub Spa Supplies


High limit sensor for Caldera Utopia and Paradise Spas from 2002 to current and Hot Spot Solana models from 20062009. 72492 High Limit Sensor 2002Current The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

72493 Caldera Spa Temp Sensor 2002Current Utopia Paradise ...


72493 Caldera Spa Temp Sensor 2002Current Utopia Paradise Solana

Hot Tub Pump Troubleshooting Caldera Spas


· To troubleshoot issues with the temperature sensor, heater highlimit thermostat, and the spa control box, disconnect power to the spa by flipping the GFCI breaker, and leave off for thirty seconds. Once you return power, check the logo lights to see if …

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