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Apr 29, 2016· No, mine was my Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor which sits near the throttle body, NOT the Mass Air Flow sensor that sits on the intake pipe. STi''dout 2008 Sports XT ''04 SGM Forester XT 5MT VF43 ()

Subaru CEL codes (grouped) | Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Jan 04, 2016· P0101 Mass air flow sensor circuit range/performance problem (high input) ... 04 Subaru forester xt Mods to come. 92 turbo 240sx. ... Timing OverAdvanced or System Performance (Bank 1) This is from the ''06''08 XT Subaru List of Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). It''s the first one on the list. :wink: Bobby... [''07 FSXT MODding Journal] [''03 X ...

System Too Lean (Bank 1)? Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Oct 02, 2020· The MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor is dirty or faulty. Easy clean method is remove the MAF, blast it inside and out with aerosol brake cleaner, reinstall. Check the wire harness for damage, frayed wires, etc. Use of "oiled" air filters may cause the MAF to become dirty particularly if the filter is overoiled (which means any oil at all ;).

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Jan 20, 2014· 1) Turn off the lights, aircon, stereo or any system in the car that draws extra current on top of the engine. 2) Disconnect the battery for 30 mins. 3) Reconnect the battery. 4) Before you start the car for the first time, turn the key to the ON position but do NOT turn the engine over. Wait 1015 seconds so the electronic throttle body or ...

Forester sudden poor mileage | Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Nov 18, 2009· Joined Aug 25, 2007. ·. 41,564 Posts. 6 · Nov 17, 2009. If the front O2 sensor (Air/Fuel) is starting to fail, it could cause an over rich condition reduced gas mileage. Normally this would overwhelm the the rear O2 sensor would drop a P0420 CEL code. You may not be to this point yet.

GForce Chip MPG | Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Oct 26, 2010· 2006 Forester XT Limited ... (O2/Lambda) sensors, Mass air pressure and Mass air flow sensor to meter the air going in, Crank and cam position sensors to relay rpm matched to a ecu map to control the air fuel mix. Thus it is always in adjustment for the conditions. ... 12 Forester (sold) 09 Forester (sold) 06 BMW 530xi wagon

(''06''08) P0030 Front O2 (A/F) sensor confusion ...


Oct 27, 2014· Your vehicle has a Mass Air Flow sensor (a MAF) located just a few inches downstream from your air filter. Your vehicle has two (2) oxygen sensors aka fueltoair ratio sensors: a front and a rear sensor. The part number above refers to the front oxygen sensor. It looks like you have correctly identified this part in your photo.

Surging at low throttle openings Sti. | Subaru Forester ...


Aug 21, 2010· 2004 Forester Sti. Now, I have "the surge". It occured anywhere from 2100 to 3000 rpm, BUT, only at VERY small throttle or on the overrun. ( Its actually worst at 2400 rpm when just started from cold ), I first noticed this 18 months ago, but only when starting from cold, and it didn''t seem important, but it has steadily got worse.

Engine Light Permenantly On | Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Nov 25, 2009· 02 forester sport RIP 04 FSTI 06 RX8 Evolve. ... 23 Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit 24 Idle Control System Malfunction 24 ISC Valve (Stick) ... then a sensor is sending information to the ECU about a problem. Then you check the code, and find out what the car is telling you. 2004 XT RIP 2005 XT 5MT ...

Check engine, Vehicle Dynamics warning ... Subaru Forester


Aug 07, 2019· Diagnosis: 1. burnt out spark plugs with very red deposit on electrode. Suspected dirty fuel. Replaced spark plugs. 2. Mass air flow sensor defective. Replaced. It drove OK for about 100km, then ... 12 Forester (sold) 09 Forester (sold) 06 BMW 530xi wagon ... 2007 Forester Sports XT 4EAT

P050A code for the fourth time Subaru Forester Owners Forum


Jan 31, 2013· Only show this user. Here''s some info on P050A for other cars Subaru not listed: Results for "P050A". Code Vehicle Make Model Year Vehicle Model / Engine Size Explanation. P050A Ford Cold Start Idle Air Control Performance. – The ECM has detected an idle air flow rate less than the calibrated limit. Probable Cause.

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