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How to Detect and Clean a Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor ...


· A check engine light often comes on due to a dirty airflow sensor (MAS). Learn the symptoms of an MAS that needs cleaning, and how to clean it. A mass airflow sensor (MAS) determines the mass of air entering a vehicle''s fuel injection engine, and passes that data to the Engine Control Unit, or ECU. The air mass information is necessary for the ECU to correctly …

1990 Buick Century Mass Airflow Sensor Problem: 1 Complaints


The 1990 Buick Century has 1 problems reported for mass airflow sensor problem. Average repair cost is 200 at 170,000 miles.

SOLVED: Mass Air Flow Sensor 92 Buick Century Fixya


P0101 Mass Air Flow, P0300 random misfire, Your problem is the Mass air flow, the P300 is the result of the mass air flow range, Mass air flow is a hot wire sensor they fail when contaiminated, as for the P300 that the engine detecting the condition when the mass airflow range is out, but here is another problem 1998 Buick used a back up its called a map sensor its on the top of intake plenum ...

Buick LeSabre: Bad MAF Sensor → Symptoms Causes ...


· The mass airflow sensor (commonly abbreviated to MAF) is one of the most important engine management sensors. A bad mass airflow sensor can leave your Buick LeSabre’s engine running rough, or even inoperable. A MAF sensor measures the density of the air entering the intake manifold. It passes this information onto your LeSabre’s ECU.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor? (7 Symptoms with Fixes) | The ...


· A bad mass air flow sensor will usually trigger a check engine light. This is because the ECU will detect an out of range value coming from the MAF sensor and the check engine light is its way of letting you know that something is wrong. 2. An engine that is difficult to start

Buick Check Engine Light Stays On YOUCANIC


· Common problems that trigger Buick check engine light to come on include worn spark plugs ... MAF Sensor Sensor Mass airflow (MAF) sensors can become clogged with dirt over time, especially if performance filters are used. A dirty MAF sensor will give false readings, resulting in incorrect airfuel mixture and engine running issues. In most cases, dirt buildups can be easily …

P0101 BUICK Code Mass Air Flow Sensor ...


The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of air ingested by the engine. The direct measurement of the air entering the engine is more accurate than calculating the airflow from the Manifold Absulte Pressure (MAP), the Intake Air Temperature (IAT), and the engine speed (speed/density). The MAF sensor has a battery feed, a ground, and a signal circuit.

Part 1 How to Test the MAF Sensor (GM V6 19962005)


· In this article, I''ll show you how to test the mass air flow (MAF) sensor on your GM (3800) vehicle without a scan tool. Now, in case you wondering if this test applies to your specific vehicle, this article covers the MAF sensor on 1996 thru'' 2005 V6 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac V6 equipped cars.

Part 1 How to Test the MAF Sensor GM , , ...


· This article will show you how to test and diagnose a bad GM mass air flow (MAF) sensor on all of the early 90 thru'' mid 90''s Buick, Olds, Pontiac , and V6 equipped cars (to be more specific: 8996). If you need to just clean the MAF sensor, you can find this article here: Cleaning The MAF Sensor (at: ).

I have a problem with a 1993 buick century. with a V6 ...


I have a problem with a 1993 buick century. with a V6. It has a check engine light on and has started stalling, Answered by a verified Buick Mechanic

Mass Air flow Sensor (MAF): how it works, symptoms ...


· As a result, a bad mass air flow sensor causes various driveability problems, including a nostart, stalling, lack of power and poor acceleration. In addition, a faulty mass air flow sensor might cause the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light to come on. A problem with the air flow sensor could also alter the shifting pattern of the ...

Buick Century dies out when changing gears | guru3D Forums


· coolant temp sensor mass air flow sensor Jonnyboy, May 14, 2012 1. PhazeDelta1 ... There has to be some kind of check engine code at this point for it if your saying you have changed the fuel filter (usually poor fuel flow would be the cause) The transmission is a 4T65E and they are notorious for being a pain in the arse with high mileage, especially …

How to by pass the mass air flow sensor aka map sensor


9,106 satisfied customers. Circuit high..I replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor..engine light went. I had a PO108 "manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure circuit high input. I replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor, and deleted the code, the engine light went out but came on again a …

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